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The St Thomas Singers
Donald Halliday

Durham Cathedral

Tuesday 6 January 1998

High Mass for Epiphany

Celebrant: Canon Michael Perry
Preacher: The Right Reverend Ronald Bowlby, former Bishop of Newcastle
Organist: James Lancelot

Music list
Organ music before the service: Les mages - Messiaen
Mass: Missa Beati Omnes - Nicolas Gombert
Anthem: Omnes de Saba venient - Jacob Handl
Organ music after the service: Les anges - Messiaen

Hymns (New English Hymnal):
47 (As with gladness men of old)
51 (Hail, thou source of every blessing)
49 (Brightest and best of the sons of the morning)
48 (Bethlehem, of noblest city).